01337 - Docril FR Solid Colors Sand Dollar

Docril FR is not just an awning, as it has the qualities that provide sun protection combined with the comfort and safety provided by its technical characteristics. It is an innovative and first product in the sector of solar protection, as it is a 100% acrylic mass-dyed flame retardant fabric that eliminates the risk of flame propagation, thus increasing the safety and comfort of the spaces we live in every day. In addition, its fiber is intrinsically flame retardant so that the property does not diminish or disappear over time, without requiring further treatment to activate its flame retardant property.

Some countries have already started implementing legislation, especially in public places, recommending it to use this type of flame retardant awnings. Our fabric can be used in different contexts, meeting the needs of various sectors of activity such as the catering sector, schools, libraries, hospitals, and even for private use. Docril FR, not only has the function to protect but also to provide the peace of mind that your customer needs.

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Colour Fastness To Artificial Weathering
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U.V. Protection (max. 80)
Sand Dollar
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